Impact Crushers

Impact Crushers

Impact crushers provide low cost, high production, simplicity of design.

impact crusherOver the years impact crushers have proven themselves to be very rugged, offer high performance as well as being a cost effective crusher for a wide range of applications. Crushing Operators often testify that impact crushers have outstanding service and investment value.

Impact crushers are used to crushing a wide range of materials such as asphalt, limestone, , gravel, basalt, copper, dolomite, concrete etc.

They are available as a portable or stationary impact crushing plant.

We would be happy to supply you with both primary and secondary impact crushing plants.

Impact crushers

The material is held in a cage; this cage has openings at the bottom – end – or side, the opening is proper size so it will allow the pulverized material to exit the crusher once it has reached the size requierment. This type of crusher is normally used with material that is soft & non-abrasive For example … coal, limestone, seeds, gypsum or could be soft metal ore. The two types of impact crushers are horizontal shaft impact and vertical shaft impact.